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Nocturnal . Medieval device

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Nocturnal miniature version. The nocturnal is an instrument used primarily to find time observing the position of certain circumpolar stars, namely those that revolve around the North Star, which we know is the only one that remains still in the sky during the night time and throughout the year. Our little nocturnal is ready to run with the Big Dipper, is made of an alloy called Zamak plated brass..


Nocturnal Medieval device

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Nocturnal or nocturlabes, as they were sometimes called, are devices for telling the time of night. their operation is based on the fact that the stars while remaining fixed relative to one another, appear to rotate around the North star (Polaris)It is of course the earth which is rota- ting and the Polaris remains fixed because it lies along the earth´s a- xis of rotation. As the others stars ap..